Meet The Team

The Change Your Attitude…Change Your Life advisory team provide expert tips, strategies, and information for personal and professional development, improved health, and self-empowerment. Click on photos below to be directed to each team member’s page where you can access their audio for on-demand listening.

Mark Anthony

Certified Personal Trainer

Nancy Barrett

Holistic Manual Lymphatic Therapist & Meditation Teacher

Mary Battaglia

Certified Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner

Miriam Belov

The Keep Calm Mentor, Reiki Master

Harriet Cabelly

Adversity Counselor

Jillian Centanni, Esq

Estate Planning, Real Estate, and Business Law Attorney

Donna Ciccone

Psychotherapist and Energy Psychology Practitioner

Dan Coleman

Professional Investigator

Amy Collins

Mindful Living Instructor

Roxanne D’Angelo

Reiki Practitioner and Feng Shui Consultant

Cara DiFalco

Cooking Show Host

Joanne Ferreri

Anti-Aging Consultant

Dina Frauwirth

Senior Care Advisor

Ed Gaelick

Insurance Specialist

Renee Gambino

Income Breakthrough Strategist

Danielle Grosso

Realtor® Sales Associate

Gayle Gruenberg

Organizing Consultant

Denise Hansard

Life Architect

Sheila Robinson Kiss

Epic Transformational Escapes

Jackie Klein

Holistic Nutrition Consultant

Linzi Levinson

Relationship Counselor

Lisa Mack


Dr Lorraine Maita

Functional and Integrative Medicine Physician

Vito Mazza

Cash Flow Specialist

Linda Mitchell

Transition Coach

Suzanne T Moore

Online Marketing Strategist

Caryn O’Sullivan

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Richard Perro

Transformational Life Coach

Dr Barry Raphael

Integrative Orthodontist

Patricia Singer

Social Media Consultant

John Tozzi

Mortgage Loan Originator

Arlene Vasquez

Certified Matchmaker and Dating Coach

Anthony Verna, Esq

Trademark, Copyright and Advertising Law

Fern Weis

Parenting Coach and Educator

Nubia DuVall Wilson

Public Relations & Marketing Specialist

Elmina Zisa

Investments, Bankruptcies & Short Sales