Meet Our Strategists

Change Your Attitude…Change Your Life strategists provide tips and information for personal and professional development, improved health, and self-empowerment. Click on a topic below to receive life-changing advice and learn about these experts.


Mark Anthony

Personalized Nutrition

Catherine Birndorf MD

Women’s Mental Health

Harriet Cabelly

Positive Psychology

Amy Collins

Motherhood Mentor

Jessica L Conrad

Infertility Coach

Roxanne D’Angelo

Reiki/Feng Shui

Scott Doty


Tasha Garcia

Financial Planning

Lorie Garnder RN

Health Advocacy

Elise Gates

Mental Health

Erin Hoffman

Financial Planning

Alison Iati

Sound Healing

Linzi Levinson

Relationship Counseling

Vito Mazza

AR/Cash Recovery

Linda Mitchell

Transformational Life Coach

Rachael Nayder

Birth and Postpartum Doula

Sarah Outlaw

Clinical Nutrition

Bertha C. Robinson

Business Coach

Heidi Rome

Autism Moms Coach

Jill Van Nostrand

Financial Planning

Angela L Vlacancich

Stress Reduction

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