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December 2

Mary Higgins Clark
Against the Odds

Mary Higgins Clark’s fame as a writer was achieved against great odds. Left a young widow, Mary began her career while raising her five children. Mary has written 37 suspense novels, four collections of short stories, a historical novel, a memoir, and two children’s books. With her daughter Carol Higgins Clark, she has coauthored five more suspense novels. More than one hundred million copies of her books are in print in the United States alone. Her books are international bestsellers. Mary’s new book is, You Don’t Own Me.

December 9

Brian Tracy
Perform Your Best

Do you find yourself struggling to let go of a failed relationship? Have you experienced a business or career setback? Do you wish you could be more secure? Often, these types of situations bind us with negative thoughts that prevent us from living our best lives. According to Brian Tracy, letting go of those thoughts is one of the most important steps towards success. Brian offers strategies to help us overcome detrimental patterns that prevent us from achieving our goals or feeling happy and satisfied. Brian is the chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International, an author and speaker.

December 16

Rick Hanson, PhD
Change Your Brain

Change is inevitable so it’s vital for us to develop internal strengths like self-worth, patience, kindness, and joy. These make us resilient, the foundation of lasting well-being in a changing world. With an approach that is grounded in the science of positive neuroplasticity, Dr. Rick Hanson explains how to create a deep sense contentment. Dr. Hanson is a psychologist and New York Times bestselling author who writes and teaches about the essential inner skills of personal well-being, psychological growth, and contemplative practice.

December 23

Dinorah Nieves, PhD
Love Yourself

Do you want to stop feeling alone, afraid and stuck? Dr. Dinah Nieves discusses how we can learn how to feel well, loved, and connected. Dr. Nieves is a behavioral scientist and personal development coach and consultant for OWN’s Iyanla Fix My Life. She held counseling positions at the Joe Torre Safe At Home Foundation and the Mary J. Blige Center for Women & Girls. Dr. Nieves specializes in helping people to identify thoughts and behaviors that are keeping them stuck and to learn the tools necessary to get out of their own way. She is the author of Love You: 12 Ways to Be Who You Love and Love Who You Are.

December 30

Mary DeMuth
Deadly Friendships

Is there something wrong with your friendship, but you can’t figure out what? Are you left wondering if everything is in your head? Unfortunately, toxic friendships happen to everyone, but we seldom pause to identify the underlying issues while we battle confusion or experience the friendship break up. Too often, we are left bewildered by the friendship’s wake, too paralyzed to move forward. Mary DeMuth discusses ways to recognize relationships that may not be right for us. She is the author of The Seven Deadly Friendships. Mary is a writer, speaker and podcaster, who has authored 35 books.

January 6

John Chambers
Connect the Dots

John Chambers, went from being a dyslexic kid from West Virginia to one of the world’s most successful business leaders. In his new book, Connecting the Dots, John shares leadership principles that helped him outmaneuver competitors to grow a multi-billion dollar company. John is the former executive chairman and CEO at Cisco, where he served as the company’s global leader for more than two decades. He has worked closely with government leaders from around the world, and he served on committees for two U.S. presidents, earning the first-ever Clinton Global Citizen Award as well as the Woodrow Wilson Award for Corporate Citizenship. Harvard Business Review named him one of the best-performing CEOs in the world and he was named “Best Boss in America” by 20/20,