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Upcoming Show Guests

June 18

Thomas Moore
Ageless Soul

Do you fear aging? Do you believe that the best of life is behind you? According to Thomas Moore, aging should be cherished as a series of initiations, rather than viewed as a diminishing experience. He teaches how we can utilize our acquired experience and maturity to take life on, embrace it, and feel fulfilled. Moore is the New York Times bestselling author of Care of the Soul, as well as many other books on deepening soul and cultivating mindfulness. He has been a monk, a musician, a university professor, and a psychotherapist. Today he lectures widely on holistic medicine and spirituality. His upcoming book is Ageless Soul.

June 25

Guy Finley
Pain Train

According to Guy Finley, we may call it by different names, such as depression, heartache, anxiety, loneliness, or disappointment, but it’s all the same thing: pain. We all experience it and just accept pain as part of the territory of being human. Pain is a big player in our lives, pushing us to do things to relieve it that only seem to increase its power over us. Guy explains how we can learn how to use pain in the right way to find new power and inner freedom. Guy is the author of more than 40 books and audio albums. He is the founder and director of Life of Learning Foundation.

July 2

Julie Foudy
Courageously & Fabulously You

It’s not easy to step out of your comfort zone, take a chance, or make a change. It’s not easy to unlock your potential and be courageously you. But, it is possible and it is your choice! According to Julie Foudy, life doesn’t just happen. You happen to life. You decide how you want to write your story. You choose to matter. Julie is a two-time Olympic Gold Medalist, two-time World Cup Champion, and former captain and 17-year member of the US women’s soccer team. She’s an ESPN analyst, founder of The Julie Foudy Sports Leadership Academy, and author of the book, Choose to Matter.

July 9

Daniel DiPiazza
Rich 20 Something

The 9 to 5 grind may be soul-crushing, but it’s what you put up with to get ahead, right? Daniel DiPiazza, the millennial business guru behind the career and lifestyle website, Rich20Something.com, says, “Wrong!” Daniel took a different path and now has three successful companies. He teaches 20- and 30-somethings how to use their talents, and shares a number of invaluable “new truths”. Daniel writes for the Huffington Post and contributes regularly to Time magazine, Fortune, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and Fox News. His book is RICH20SOMETHING: Ditch Your Average Job, Start an Epic Business, and Score the Life You Want.

July 16

Stan Tatkin, PsyD
Wired for Dating

Everyone wants someone to love and spend time with and searching for your ideal partner is a natural and healthy human tendency. Just about everyone dates at some point, yet few really understand what they’re doing or how to get the best results. Dr. Stan Tatkin, author of Wired for Dating, offers powerful tips based in neuroscience and attachment theory to help you find a compatible mate and go on to create a fabulous relationship. Dr. Tatkin is a clinician, researcher, teacher, and developer of a psychobiological approach to couple therapy® (PACT). His other books include Wired for Love and Your Brain on Love.

July 23

Adam Kirk Smith
The Bravest You

Feeling directionless, or perhaps too intimidated to make a necessary change in your life? Tired of letting your fears keep you from achieving your goals or becoming healthier, happier, or more successful? Adam Kirk Smith discusses common fears people face, from the fears of inadequacy and being judged, to rejection, failure, loss of control, and loneliness, and he presents a way to master them. Adam is an entrepreneur, life coach, consultant, and public speaker. Named one of the most influential people of 2014 by American Genius, he has written for Entrepreneur and Success magazine, among other publications. Adam is the author of The Bravest You.

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