Susan Greif

Creative Transformational Expert and Healing Arts Professional

Susan Greif is a creative transformational expert and healing arts professional who uses the expressive, creative and healing arts to help individuals deal with trauma. Her unique multi-disciplinary approach helps her clients find emotional freedom from the ravages of anxiety, depression, trauma, anger, grief, loss, illness, pain, relationship issues, eating disorders, social behaviors and learning disabilities. Her approach helps her clients let go of their anxieties that keep them feeling paralyzed, panicked, powerless and in pain and propels them to move forward and reach their goals.

Susan believes that in order to move beyond trauma, individuals must address their physical, emotional and overall well-being. This can be accomplished by creating awareness, making a commitment to self-exploration, bringing the unconscious to the conscious and creating clarity. Susan has the unique ability to analyze and diagnose her client’s drawings (no talent or experience necessary) and point out how the drawing reflects the subconscious mind; this helps bring the subconscious to awareness quicker than talk therapy. Art makes thoughts and emotions more perceptible and tangible and creates a body-mind awareness. This way those exposed to trauma can begin to reconstruct their thoughts and learn necessary coping skills so they can heal quicker and move forward to living a happier, healthier, and more balanced lifestyle.

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