Rachael Nayder, RN

Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula

Rachael Nayder, RN, is the creator of The Village Doula, a St. Petersburg, Florida-based birth and postpartum doula practice that works to create an integrative approach to caring for the modern mother in an ancient way. Through her work as a registered nurse in the areas of women’s surgical care and pediatrics, she began to realize the presence of a large gap in medical care that exists in the way we care for and honor our new mothers, babies and families.

“I began to feel it was my duty to learn about why we have lost this ancient art of caring for each other and why extended postpartum care has gone completely missing from the western medical scope of practice in America. I love that my practice as a doula allows me to bridge this gap in care, leaving families feeling more prepared and knowing they have a support network.”

Rachael has spent the last three years on a journey around the Pacific corner of the world learning from various cultures, attending the Australian Doula College, and finding home within her own heart. She now resides in her hometown of St. Petersburg, Florida, where she can usually be found in the water or outside soaking up nature’s beauty.

What is a Doula?

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