Christina Nemec & Julie Seda

PATH Health Consultants

PATH stands for Promoting Achievement Through Health. Christina and Julie’s well-designed, employer-sponsored workplace wellness program will support employees as they adopt and sustain behaviors that improve or maintain health, reduce risks, enhance quality of life, increase personal effectiveness-and benefit an organization’s bottom line. Every company wants to manage healthcare costs, reduce absenteeism and improve employee productivity, retention and morale. Julie and Christina focus on using lifestyle to prevent and treat disease, and offer a variety of one hour Health Seminars and two to four hour Health Workshops to organizations interested in educating and supporting their employees in a group setting As a result of their highly personalized approach to lifestyle change, they are innovators in their industry.

Christina Nemec, MEd, PN1, is a faculty member in the Wellness and Exercise Science Department at Bergen Community College. Christina holds degrees in Human Resource Management, Education and Exercise Science. She is a certified nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition.

Julie Seda, MS, is an assistant professor at Bergen Community College. Julie holds a Master’s degree in Exercise Science and Sports Administration and is a WITTS Certified Personal Trainer, AFAA certified group exercise instructor, and certified SPIN instructor.

Combining their expertise in human resource management, education, nutrition, and exercise science, they help companies and organizations support employees in realizing their personal health goals, while saving money, improving productivity and boosting workplace morale.

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