Lorie Gardner

Healthcare Advocate

Lorie Gardner, RN, BSN, NBC, HWC, is a registered nurse with over 30 years of experience in the healthcare system and in health care businesses. She is the founder & CEO of Healthlink Advocates, a team of private nurse advocates and health and wellness coaches who assist individuals with all aspects of their healthcare at a time when they need the most support and guidance. Passionate about ensuring that patients know all of their options, Lorie and her team want patients to know and understand what they are facing and what is happening to their bodies during a health occurrence. “We can be a strong voice for the client to ensure that they make good decisions and are availed the best medical care.”

The team is also dedicated to Health and Wellness Coaching. Being among the first group to be nationally board certified in this specialty, Lorie and her team help promote a whole person mind/body approach that helps individuals achieve more balance in their lives; reduce stress; increase energy; optimize health indicators and enhance their mindset, articulation and behaviors.

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