Kyle Eopechino, DC


Dr. Kyle Eopechino’s obsession with Chiropractic began when he was six years of age. As a child, Dr. Eopechino suffered with hip, knee and ankle issues. Having been to orthopedic doctors, he was fit with a fixed apparatus that would strengthen his hips, knees, and pelvis as well as having to wear special orthotic shoes. This process was very debilitating on physical and social levels to a young active boy. Luckily, a family member suggested that Chiropractic care may help with these issues. Since that very first Chiropractic treatment, he knew that becoming a doctor was his destiny.

Foot, Knee, Hip and Low Back Pain

Improve Your Sleep

Combating Childhood Obesity

Is Drinking Coffee Good for You?

Keeping Blood Pressure in Check

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