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Change Your Attitude…Change Your Life advisory team members are associated with a well-respected, reputable organization that is educating and spreading a positive message of hope and inspiration to its vast audience, your potential customers. As a team member you receive visibility to a focused audience through multiple mediums: radio, publishing, direct mail, website linkage, events/conferences, and social media.


What team members are saying about their experience:

Many talented and passionate business owners only reach a fraction of their professional potential due to a lack of proper positioning in the marketplace. Joan’s platform, CYACYL, is a powerful bridge to greater recognition and success that places you in the spotlight as an expert in your field. I have used the affiliation, credential, and logo, to boost attendance at my transformational retreats, secure five star speaking engagements, and network with prominent business professionals nationally and internationally. I have witnessed a solid 32% growth spike in my business since joining the team. The membership works if you work it!  Joan is one of the few platform leaders in the industry that does what she says she is going to do – all contractual obligations are fulfilled professionally. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, I recommend the partnership as one that adds tremendous value and is worth every penny.
– Sheila Robinson-Kiss, Transformational Retreat Leader

When presented with the opportunity to join the CYACYL team, I knew a shift in my life and career had occurred. Not only is being part of a collaborative, open minded, professional group of growth minded professionals and experts an opportunity in itself, but the tremendous impact it’s had on my business is profound. Being affiliated with a brand as prestigious as CYACYL, has given me instant credibility with potential clients; it’s nearly doubled my social media following; and it’s helped to up level my career with generating higher quality clients, and luxury listings and transactions. It has given me an edge over others in my industry. Being a member of this team is the key to expanding your business and life.
– Danielle Grosso, Real Estate Agent with Xperience Real Estate

Joining CYACYL has been one of the best decisions of my career. It’s provided many opportunities to network with other heart-centered business owners, reach a larger audience and build my brand. There’s really no downside, it’s all been great!”
– Donna Ciccone , Integrative Psychotherapist 

I have found working with Joan to be a gift, an opportunity to gain exposure to thousands of like-minded people, and to impact the lives of people from all walks of life. Joan presents herself as a partner and finds ways to encourage all those who work with her to function as team mates. She instills cooperation and collaboration vs. competition, and she’s extremely dedicated to her work. Without a doubt, I predict that Joan and CYACYL will be around for a very long time and is well worth the investment.
– Roxanne D’Angelo, Feng Shui Consultant

With Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life, Joan Herrmann has assembled an incredible team of experts whose hearts are set on helping you achieve your goals and live an optimal life. I am so proud to serve on this wonderful team of experts! Thank you, Joan, for being an exceptional woman in media.
– Mary Battaglia, Certified Hypnosis Practitioner

It is awesome to be a part of this phenomenal CYACYL team. They are truly people who want to make a positive difference not only with their work, but also in our world. The exchange of ideas is always practical and valuable. My experience as a team member continues to help me learn and evolve professionally. Thank you, Joan!
– Amy Collins, Personal Development Educator/Speaker

I have been in business 30 years and take pride in what I do and who I surround myself with. Meeting Joan Herrmann was fortuitous but deciding to work with her was anything but “by chance”. It was easy to see the value in her and CYACYL. Joan is one of the most genuine and humble individuals I know. Being part of her team has exposed me to some very solid people as well. I will certainly work to ensure my relationship with Joan develops even more.
– Ed Gaelick, CLU, ChFC, Insurance Specialist, PSI Consultants, LLC

I have been offered many prestigious culinary opportunities, including Food Network casting calls, due to my involvement with CYACYL and New York radio. Working with Joan and being part of the team has created name recognition for me and opened many doors.
– Todd Daigneault, Chef

I joined the team and have been pleasantly surprised (and frankly a bit stunned) at the personal relationship and connection I have been able to build with the owner and manager, Joan Herrmann. Just being associated with this brand has already created new opportunities in my career, even internationally – I was invited into an opportunity they told me they found me on the CYACYL site. The most unique dynamic of this business endeavor is the personal attention, the commitment, the dedication, and the proactive way that Joan has chosen to work with me. She works endlessly to accommodate and collaborate with all of the team so that we feel connected. There is no competition, or political energy with what Joan Herrmann has created. It is holistic, she maintains integrity, and it is totally clear that each team member brings a clean intention with the role they purposefully contribute. Being connected to CYACYL is vital at this juncture due to the recognition, prestige and branding that Joan has established and sustained. I encourage anyone who has the chance to grab the opportunity to engage with Joan Herrmann. There is no way to lose.
– Linzi Levinson, Relationship Life Coach

Being a part of the CYACYL Good Life Team has been an amazing experience in both my business and personal life. Collaborating with the other team members and having a visible platform to promote my unique skills and coaching package offerings has been a game changer. Joan Herrmann brings the most interesting, unique, and celebrated personalities to life through her interviews, and allows us all to benefit from the information they share!  The radio show and magazine are a treasure chest of information, motivation, inspiration, and education!
– Linda Mitchell, Transition and Reinvention Expert

I was looking for a professional group to be associated with for my business. I was blessed to reconnect with Joan Herrmann and discovered the CYACYL advisory team. I didn’t find a team, I found a home. As part of the CYACYL team, WOR radio and iHeart, I have made a higher level connections for both my business and personal life.
– Joanne Ferreri, Anti-Aging Consultant

I have been a part of the CYACYL team for over two years. The experience has been very rewarding for me. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to Joan Herrmann both professionally and personally and for that reason alone it was worth joining. I’ve also had the pleasure of getting to know the team and have worked with them. They’re all wonderful and the talent is vast and diverse. Most importantly, I’ve had the good fortune of being part of Joan’s creation, Change Your Attitude Change Your Life. Being heard on WOR and iHeart has given me an important edge when I want to distinguish myself from the crowd.
– Richard Perro, Transformational Life Coach


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