Ilene Leshinsky, LSW

Body Image Coach

Ilene is the founder of Find Body Freedom, the program she created for women (like her) who have felt trapped in battles with their bodies for as long as they can remember. Ilene gives them the training and support that they need to stop their battles with body image, weight, and with their relationship with food so that they can learn to love the bodies they’re in and to eat with joy.

In 1992, Ilene had an epiphany that changed her life. In a matter of moments, after almost three decades of her own struggles with body image, her weight, and with trying every diet known to womankind, Ilene realized that her body (and everyone’s body) has innate wisdom that would guide her to discovering her own path to health and well-being. In the aftermath of that “ah ha” moment, Find Body Freedom was born. It’s based on the beliefs that the body is our master teacher and has innate wisdom, that we were born knowing how to eat, that each of us has a natural weight at which we are comfortable and healthy, and that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

For 25 years, as a licensed clinical social worker in New York and in Massachusetts, and as a body image coach in Florida, Ilene has worked with hundreds of women who believed that if they could change their bodies, they could change their lives. Online and in person, Ilene guides women to transform their lives – by discovering their own path to Find Body Freedom.

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