Erin Hoffman & Jill VanNostrand

Financial Planning

Erin Hoffman and Jill Van Nostrand bring expertise and compassion to their practice at Certified Financial Services, LLC (CFS), a wealth management firm headquartered in Paramus, NJ, providing individuals, families, and businesses with financial protection and wealth accumulation strategies.

As a young financial professional, Erin is eager to take part in the growth and development of her clients’ financial futures. She advocates for the success of their futures by providing them with financial knowledge, innovative strategies, and a unique perspective of how they can reach their financial goals.

Through education and guidance, Jill works to change the lives of her clients for the better, helping them recognize their financial potential. Jill’s mission of guiding clients towards stress relief and financial balance is drawn from her own family experience. She wants to provide families, individuals, and business owners with the most efficient opportunities to protect and grow their assets and, in turn, find enjoyment of life.

Utilizing an innovative financial tool, The Living Balance Sheet®, Erin and Jill focus their clients’ attention on the four domains of their financial lives: Protection, Assets, Liabilities, and Cash Flow. They guide clients through a process in which they build and preserve their wealth along with meeting other goals they may have.

Whether those goals include preparing for a milestone event such as college, a wedding, or retirement, or if they are simply just seeking out a better way to protect the future of a family or business, Erin and Jill strive to provide each one of her clients a new level of attention, insight, and capabilities.

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