Cara Di Falco

Cara’s Cucina

I’m a home cook who developed my love and passion for food through my family’s culture and traditions. Born and raised in New Jersey as a second generation Italian-American, I grew up making fresh pasta, pots of gravy and holiday feasts with my mother, grandmothers and even a great-grandmother as my guides. Now as a wife, I am expanding what I know into my husband’s Latino traditions. I believe that every meal has a story; that good food shared with good company feeds not only the body, but the soul. With years of experience as a journalist and a two-time Emmy Award winning videographer as a husband and business partner; we produce high-end, step by step instructional videos. Every week I will post a new episode, featuring either a recipe, a restaurant or a great food story. Our site is more than just recipes, it’s the story of the food. Join me as I tell stories from the kitchen table.

First Night in Naples Pasta


Pasta Primavera

Seared Scallops over Lemon, Tarragon Risotto

Fresh Pasta

Spring Gardening

Vegetable Risotto

Pasta with Chicken and Capers

Italian Fritatta

Cavatelli con Broccoli Rabe

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