Bertha C. Robinson

Business Coach

Bertha C. Robinson is the founder of Star One Professional Services, a business coaching and consulting firm that helps clients get beyond goal setting and get to goal achievement. Goal achievement is where life fulfilment soars.
Bertha has over 20 years of experience with business problem-solving skills and analysis to enable successful issue resolution. She works with visionary business leaders and organizations that take a people-centered approach to achieve their long term objectives. She is uniquely qualified to help enhance and develop people and business potential that already exist within organizations—a potential frequently underutilized. Once untapped potential is revealed with an ‘x-ray like’ process, clarity and focus lead to goal attainment.

Bertha is a member of the New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners (NJAWBO) and sits on the board as VP of Membership. Star One Professional Services, is a member of the Trusted Advisors Network, an International Network of Senior-level Business and Executive Development Affiliates. The firm is located in Somerset, New Jersey, and is well poised to co-create the business development solutions of a diverse client base.

Bertha believes in self-improvement for community development, which aligns individual purpose with organizational measurable results. Her joy is in her marriage and four children.

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