Angela L. Vlacancich

Stress Management Consultant

No more days consumed by stress. That has become the mantra for Bridge Management Consulting. Bridge Management Consulting was created by Angela Vlacancich to address the need to decrease stress by bringing stress reduction techniques directly to the office or home. Angela brings her interpersonal, creative and team management skills from working in the corporate world for over 20 years. Having experienced many different stressful and toxic environments, she has seen the physical, emotional and family impact that chronic stress has and its effects on people and productivity both in the workplace and at home. Her studies in the field of stress management include both individual coaching as well as a Certificate of Stress Management from the University of Central Florida. Utilizing both her first-hand experience and proven, teachable techniques in the field of stress management, Angela is now sharing that knowledge and experience to work with others to make sure each day is as positive, stress-reduced and enjoyable as possible.  

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Creating Balance in Your Life

Stress Management with EASE

Three Steps to Reduce Stress

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