Amy M. Collins

Motherhood Mentor, Author, Educator

Create Clarity, located in Northwest, NJ, offers personal development classes for women. Classes are based on Stanford University’s renown methodology. Powerful easy-to-implement tools help women clarify who they are and how they operate in the world. Learning these practical tools creates a transformational shift in various aspects of life such as at home, work, in a relationship or community. Group camaraderie makes for dynamic learning. Let Create Clarity help you start to live a lighter, happier and more joyful life. These tools make a positive impact from day one and last forever.

How Moms Can Learn from Their Children

The Importance of Listening

Mom Brain

Mean Moms

The Importance of Mentors

The Evolution of Parenting in the US

Motherhood and a Hero’s Journey

Not Just A Mom

Seeing with Our Heart

The Energy Around You

Will the Real You Please Stand Up?

Mindfully Choosing Grace

Nourish Your Soul

Making Small Changes

Core Goal for the Day

Needs versus Wants

What’s Your Tag Line?

Loving Family

Listening Mindfully

Living in the Present Moment

The Importance of Creativity

The Voice of Wisdom

Your Inner Critic

Bringing Your Vision to Fruition

The Importance of Quieting Your Mind

Mindful Living

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