Amy M. Collins

Motherhood Mentor, Author, Educator

Amy Collins, MSEd, is a Motherhood Mentor as an author and course facilitator. She helps women feel more comfortable and confident in their role as ‘Mom’ because when ‘Mom’ feels good … the entire family benefits.

Amy’s mission is for all mothers to recognize the value we bring to society as we raise our children and create this role of ‘Mom’ to embrace what works best for each of us and our families.

While society primarily focuses on how amazing motherhood is, we also need to recognize that at times it’s also overwhelming. To help women more confidently own and express themselves as mothers, Amy created the online course – Moms: Courageous Women Raising the Next Generation.

One of the most important things we can do is create a strong foundation for our motherhood journey based on what type of mom we truly aspire to be versus allowing society to dictate what we should be. Her course offers a valuable experience filled with insight, useful tools, camaraderie and creativity which all empower women to better understand who they are and feel adept in this essential parenting role. Establishing this groundwork empowers mothers to more confidently and calmly reach their overall goal: raising independent, healthy, compassionate adults.

Amy uses her background as a career counselor at New York University, to help mothers better understand their purpose and values. She’s also a certified instructor of The Creative Insight Journey, a transformational class from Stanford University, which teaches aspects of mindfulness and self-awareness. This powerful combination enables Amy to view motherhood through a unique lens which encourages each woman to honestly reflect on and design the role of ‘Mom’ in a way that best suits her and her family.

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