Alison Iati

Sound Healer

Alison Iati is a Sound Healer and a certified and licensed Vibrational Sound Therapist. She has worked with healing energy as a Seven Rays Master practitioner for almost 25 years. Moving into sound healing seven years ago was natural as she is both a musician, and a lifelong student of the transformational power of sound. Alison is the owner of Awaken Sound Health, a dedicated sound healing studio in the heart of Chester, NJ, where she facilitates Integrative Sound Healing sessions, and Vibrational Sound Therapy sessions, and facilitates twice weekly sound baths. Alison is a member of the Sound Healers Association, and the Vibrational Sound Association. Her favorite sonic tools are her alchemy crystal singing bowls, bronze zen bowls, therapeutic harps, and voice.

Improving Sleep

Get Happy

Creating Stillness

Tips for Relaxation

Vibrational Sound Therapy

What is a Sound Bath?

Are You in Sound Health?

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