Alison Iati

Sound Healer

Alison Iati is a Sound Healer and a certified and licensed Vibrational Sound Therapist. She has worked with healing energy as a Seven Rays Master practitioner for almost 25 years. Moving into sound healing seven years ago was natural as she is both a musician, and a lifelong student of the transformational power of sound. Alison is the owner of Awaken Sound Health, a dedicated sound healing studio in the heart of Chester, NJ, where she facilitates Integrative Sound Healing sessions, and Vibrational Sound Therapy sessions, and facilitates twice weekly sound baths. Alison is a member of the Sound Healers Association, and the Vibrational Sound Association. Her favorite sonic tools are her alchemy crystal singing bowls, bronze zen bowls, therapeutic harps, and voice.

What is a Sound Bath?

Are You in Sound Health?

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