Michelle Vernuccio

Marketing/Public Relations

Michelle Vernuccio is a marketing/public relations professional who instantly becomes the company’s icon when educated about their products and services. Michelle is results-driven and can meet goals with her dedication and focus skills. Michelle is approachable, coach-able and the “light of the party.” Her high degree of organizational skills, and ability to deliver communication ideas, while influencing others has resulted effectively in the gamut of marketing in her professional experience with small businesses. Michelle is a firm believer that successful marketing includes creating campaigns around the needs of a company’s target audience and what better way to obtain this information than through surveys. Through Michelle’s educational and professional background, she is inspired by the power of public relation efforts in conjunction to supporting local charity; as it surfaces the positive foundation to a company’s branding. Michelle currently is the president of the North Jersey Chamber of Commerce where she fulfills her deep passion for marketing, public relations, and networking.

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