John J. Hays II, Esq.

Divorce and Family Law Attorney

John Hays is a partner at the Salvaggio Hays Law Group, LLC, a firm that is devoted exclusively to New Jersey divorce and family law matters. John provides a client-centered practice that focuses on identifying each client’s individual goals and selecting the right legal tools to accomplish those goals. John’s mission is to help his clients transition successfully from the end of their marriage to the next stage of their lives. While John would prefer that all cases be resolved through an alternative like mediation or Collaborative Law, he is ready and willing to litigate aggressively in the best interest of his clients when necessary.


Division of Assets During A Divorce

What is A Parenting Coordinator?

When Your Ex Refuses to Follow Custody Agreement

How Do Substance Abuse Issues Impact Parenting Time?

Cohabitation and Alimony

Alimony and Retirement

Parenting Time


Child Support

Child Custody

Divorce in New Jersey

Prenuptial agreement

Collaborative Divorce

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