Lucky Seven

The number seven is significant to many aspects of life. It is deeply rooted in much of what we do. Seven is considered by many to be a lucky number. There are seven days in the week, seven dwarfs, seven chakras, seven seas, seven continents, seven deadly sins, seven wonders of the world, seventh heaven, and the seventh inning stretch.

For me, the number seven is of major importance because it represents transformation, growth, and survival. You see, in this month (the seventh month of the year), seven years ago, I took a leap of faith and followed my heart, for the first time in my life.

In July, 2009, the Change Your Attitude…Change Your Life radio show and brand was born. The premiere of the show came during a time when I was beginning the search to find the person I lost. It came at a time when a seed was planted within me, a seed that I didn’t bury and let die, but rather one that I watered and nurtured. It came at a time when unbeknownst to me, I was about to embark on a journey that would change the course of my life.

Throughout the past seven years, I developed the show, which now airs on the #1 AM News/Talk station in the New York market; created a monthly digital magazine that has impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of people; been the keynote speaker and shared the stage with best-selling authors, political leaders, and motivators; worked with some of the most inspirational and influential people on the planet; and built a team of professionals that strive to change the world. In addition, I incorporated a multi-media communications company and a book publishing house.

Throughout the past seven years, I evolved into someone who no longer allows people to make me feel less than.

Seven years ago when I shared my dream with a select few, one person told me that I was making a fool of myself and that people were laughing at me. Normally those words would have stopped me in my tracks, but for some reason they strengthened me. And so today, seven years later, looking back on what I have accomplished and who I have become, I say to you: never let anyone mock or belittle your dream. Never let anyone stifle your passion. Never let anyone hold you down.

It took me seven years to learn that I can choose what I allow into my mind and that no one has the ability to make me feel inferior unless I give that person the power.

Life is too short for mere existence. Isn’t it time to roll the dice? Who knows … you may come up with a seven!

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